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Upcoming Games

Team Standings By Division

  •  Kassandra Division


    W  L  GB
    Phillies 16 1 -
    Yankees 10 7 6
    Pirates 8 9 8
    Royals 3 14 13

    Nate Division


    W  L  GB
    White Sox 12 5 -
    Blue Jays 11 6 1
    Padres 10 7 2
    Mariners 3 14 9

    Anthony Division


    W  L  GB
    Dodgers 12 5 -
    Brewers 9 8 3
    Cardinals 8 9 4
    Mets 7 10 6

    Splash Division


    W  L  GB
    Rays 11 6 -
    Cubs 7 10 4
    Angels 6 11 5
    Orioles 3 14 8
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Welcome to the Los Amigos Softball League

Our mission is to come together, not only to compete, but to bond with one another in a family oriented atmosphere.

The Los Amigos Softball League is a recreational softball league for men that have a passion for softball. Founded in 2009, the league has been a popular activity for men of all skill levels in Hartford, CT, and its surrounding areas.

The league plays games at Colt Park, which is a well-maintained softball field that provides an excellent venue for players to showcase their skills. Los Amigos Softball League follows official softball rules and regulations to ensure fair play and a competitive environment for all players.

In addition to the games, the league also hosts social events and team building activities to promote camaraderie and team spirit among the players. These events include post-game gatherings, team barbecues, and community service initiatives.

Overall, the Los Amigos Softball League provides an excellent opportunity for men to stay active, build new friendships, and enjoy the sport of softball in a supportive and inclusive environment.

The 2023 Season is Dedicated to Yalienid Hernandez

Upcoming Events

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

Disclaimer: Los Amigos Softball League is an independent recreational league and is not affiliated, endorsed, or associated with Major League Baseball or any other professional baseball organization. The use of any team names, logos, or trademarks is purely for descriptive purposes and does not imply any official endorsement or sponsorship by the respective organizations. Any resemblance to professional baseball teams or leagues is purely coincidental. Los Amigos Softball League operates solely as an independent entity, dedicated to providing a fun and competitive softball experience for its participants.